Randy Rensch
UX Thinker/User Advocate
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Your friendly neighborhood Full-Stack UXer. Our neighborhood being the English-speaking world.

Users have options. So do you.

The user is always right. You might disagree, but there's not a darn thing you can do about it — until you've established a live interaction with him or her. Until then, if they are confused or disgruntled, or they decide to leave your site, app or page . . . that's tuff.

But you do have options. There are many ways to guide and encourage the user, and ways to approach a usability project. As a full-stack UX Thinker, my experience encompasses all of them. So let's talk about your situation, and optimize your user relationship – by enhancing the User Experience (UX) – for improved results.

Email me now, or call +1 718•577•0005 during New York City business hours. No charge for a get-acquainted chat.

Kayaks symbolize Users having many options. Marketers have usability options, too.