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A special perspective on UX

These links below provide insight into my viewpoint, my interaction with users, the value of clarity, and other concerns.

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UX Writer. Is there any other kind? Copywriter as Full-Stack UXer UX Writing is a new thing. Yet, I'm an old hand at it. Here are usability and UX writing samples, and links to other pages about UX.

User and Reader Interactivity About Interactive Copywriting Whether digital media or traditional, the content must interact with the reader, by being valuable, personal, and motivating.

How to improve Usability UX Writing Examples Examples of Usability errors and how to correct them. Some errors are so obvious they hardly seem worth mentioning. Sometimes that's the problem. Things seem obvious ... except to the first-time user. But there may be other reasons. Here's a variety.

Copywriter as UX Designer Full-Stack UX Writer in all media A website, app, or product shouldn't be about selling. It should focus on what the User wants to experience ... on satisfying the user's wants, needs, and interests.

A variety of articles, AKA Content In my longtime role as a copywriter I have focused on understanding the reader's viewpoint. I write to that. Articles | Web Content In addition to marketing copy, I've also written a lot of reader-focused editorial content — articles . . . interesting and usable information about a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects. Some are informative, some are how-to, some are just interesting and fun. Enjoy!

Learn more about how to apply my perspective. Email me now, or call +1 718•577•0005 during New York City business hours. No charge for a get-acquainted chat.